Your Executive Board 2014

Name: Fallon Schwoch

Position: President


Hello! I am Fallon Schwoch and I am from Menomonie, WI. I am currently a junior here at the U of M and am studying Biology with a minor in Pharmacology. I hope to become a PA working in orthopedics in the future. I love to play sports, especially volleyball and soccer, and ride horses when I have the time. I am also somewhat musical, playing the piano and violin. I cannot wait to kick off this next year in the Pharmacology Club! See you all at our meetings.


Name: Logan Pfaff

Position: Vice President



My name is Logan Pfaff I grew up in Oakdale, MN. I am surprised at the accomplishments I’ve made because I had no idea that I would be attending school after high school. I am currently a senior at the University of Minnesota, double majoring in Microbiology and Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development with a minor in Pharmacology. My hobbies include gym, camping, and any recreational activity I can find time for. I am extremely extroverted and will become your best friend instantly. I look forward to meeting everybody at our meetings and do not be afraid to walk up and say Hello.


Name: Jennifer Nhieu

Position: Treasurer


Hi, I’m Jennifer Nhieu and I’m from Williston, ND. My major is biochemistry with a minor in pharmacology and I am currently a junior. I plan to pursue graduate studies in either biochemistry or pharmacology with a particular interest in metabolic disease research. I enjoy reading and playing sports such as badminton and volleyball in my spare time. I’m excited to meet all our new and current members at our upcoming awesome events!


Name: Hannah Vo

Position: Secretary



Hi, I’m Hannah Vo and I am a junior majoring in Physiology. I am planning to apply for pharmacy school in the near future. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and catching up with my reading. I ‘m excited to meet every club member that have a passion of pursuing a pharmacology career or just want to learn more about pharmaceutical researches! Also don’t hesitate to ask me anything related to the club or about my position within the organization if you are interested.


Name:  Brynna Wilken-Resman

Position: Event Coordinator


Hello! I’m Brynn and I’m a junior majoring in chemistry and minoring in biochemistry. I like to spend time in lab, both for my classes and for the research I do outside of class. When I have time I like to play soccer. I think we’re going to have some interesting speakers this coming year in Pharmacology club and I’m excited to get started!


Name: Taylor Wilfahrt 

Position: Co-Chair Director


Hi! My name is Taylor Wilfahrt and I am from New Ulm, MN. I am a senior here at the University of Minnesota and I am majoring in Biochemistry. I have changed my major multiple times, but I have always been interested in science. I eventually became very interested in the research area and someday I would love to do cancer research, possibly in the pharmaceutical area. I am also interested in genetic counseling and would also love to do that for a career as well (I guess I am still indecisive ha!). When I am not busy with school, I love being outside and doing many activities including, fishing, mushroom hunting, golfing and almost any other sport. I also am somewhat crafty and enjoy spending time crocheting and making things off of Pinterest. I am extremely excited to be a part of the Pharmacology Club and can’t wait to meet all of you at our meetings!


Name: Hiroshi Hiasa

Position: Club Advisor


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